I recently found a great article that highlights the merits of music education.  I encountered the piece on pbs.org, under the parents’ section.  You can read the blog here.  The blog focuses on the benefits of music education in young children.  It highlights a point that I have hoped to find proof of all along; research shows that music education benefits students in areas outside of “music” theory.  When a child learns music, they must tap into a series of different skill sets.  Together, this process helps children transition into a more formal process of learning.  Music is a sure-fire way to promote creative thinking, problem solving, and expanded thinking.  It can be used to further understanding and comprehension in any number of subjects. 

The article also discusses the idea that music education can be especially linked to language development.  Research shows that music education can increase/enhance development of the left side of the brain, which is the side that controls language processing.  In another article, Music as a Teaching Tool, Jeannette Castro Hachmeister lists multiple scenarios in which music education benefits early childhood students.  She references research that shows students who receive music education perform better on tests, as well as retain information at higher level.  Hachmeister includes that music not only levels differences between students of differing socioeconomic backgrounds, but can also benefit students’ oral communication skills.  Songs can also be used to teach classroom rules and procedures.  This method makes it easier for students to remember important rules of the classroom!

These two posts serve as evidence for my overall idea of music being beneficial in a classroom.  I’ve read article after article concerning the subject, and I really do feel that incorporation of music in the classroom has worthwhile results!  With a little extra effort, teachers can incorporate music in the classroom and change the way their students learn.  Teachers have a huge opportunity here: they can positively effect their students’ lives in a major way.  


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