A Look at YouTube

Talking about music in the classroom is always very interesting, but perhaps a more useful expenditure of time would be to watch its effects in action!  For the next step in my project, I wanted to explore the world of YouTube and see what other educators had to offer.  YouTube is an incredible resource to be utilized by people of all kinds, especially educators!  YouTube allows teachers to not only share experiences, but techniques, methods, and ideas as well.  In the specific field of music, there are tons of videos concerning music theory and concepts.  Also, videos on YouTube can be used for songs and background music for a plethora of activities. 

 Here’s a video that shows some real ideas for integrating music into an early childhood education classroom!

 Integrating Music and Movement with Literacy

 Don’t be distracted by this videos light washed jeans and big white sneakers! Although this video is obviously dated, its ideas are golden.  The narrator highlights the advantages of connecting physical movement with auditory stimulation.  The repetition provided in song often allows students to better absorb material.  Also, masking academic information song is a great way to let students have fun while learning new concepts.  I see this method of sing-song/body movement most effective for early ages, primarily best for kindergarten through second grades.  I could definitely see myself integrating this type of lesson into a future classroom.  There are countless ways to modify it and make it even more effective!

 The next video I found is much more recent and is focused towards an older audience.

 Do The Quad Solve (WSHS Math Rap Song)

 I have to admit that this video made me laugh, but in a good way! This video is a perfect example of students and teachers alike making connections from class material to the real world.  Creating this video had multiple purposes; it explained a complex topic (quadratic equations) and also allowed students to take ownership of the subject and get creative.  It’s said over and over again that students best retain information when they are forced to synthesize and present it in a creative and unique way.  This video and song will make the quadratic formula memorable to every student involved in making it.  It’s obvious that kids enjoyed creating the video.  The video also gave people all over the school opportunities to participate, creating a heightened and stronger sense of community. 

Overall, looking at different videos gave me lots of ideas.  I really do believe that music in the classroom is a great way to enhance students’ learning and better convey academic topics and information.  


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