The Beginning

I am a student at the University of Georgia.  This semester, I begin every Tuesday and Thursday with an 8:00 AM Edit 2000 class.  This is a class that explores the use of technology in a classroom and encourages students to learn and integrate technology in a plethora of ways.  Specifically, the class requires the creation of a 20% project.  A 20% project gives a student complete autonomy to be creative and explore a topic that interests them. 

In exploring my own ideas for a 20% project, I knew I wanted to research something withing the elementary school classroom, as that is where I hope to end up! I considered different uses of technology, and it’s effects on students who use it.  Thinking about the elementary classroom made me think back to my own childhood experiences.  I thought about what I liked best in elementary school, and realized it was the music classes I was a part of.   That got me thinking: when I teach in my own classroom, I would love to incorporate music in a very accessible and fluid way.  I feel like it could have positive influences on my students and their overall development.  So, that is what I decided to do my project on!  The rest of this blog will focus on my exploration of the subject and the results that I find. 


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